Premium Booklet

The Premium Book for the 2017 Piedmont Interstate Fair, “Fall Nights and Carnival Lights” will be online in July. Please select any one or many categories listed to the right to view the opportunities to display your hobbies, talents, and special accomplishments of the last year in the Fair. Simply click on the category you are interested in to read and print out the information. Thank you for sharing your best efforts with the community and Good Luck To All Of You!

Due to increased printing and mailing cost, the Premium Book mailing list has been greatly reduced. The entire Premium Book does appear here online and you may print any section you desire from the right. However, if you desire a book and do not receive one in the mail, you may pick up a copy at the Fair Office or at any branch of the Spartanburg County Library beginning in September on a first come, first serve basis.

The Fair will pay 1st Place Premiums only in all exhibit halls during 2017

Dear Community, Exhibitors and Friends:

Summer gives way to fall and that means the “Fair” is coming. This year our theme is “Fall Nights and Carnival Lights!” Our Board of Directors, Officers and Staff are privileged to bring the 2017 Piedmont Interstate Fair to our community for the enjoyment of all. Our goal is to reach and excite every age group in our diverse population and provide entertainment, competition, contests, educational opportunities, delicious food and just plain fun for everybody. To complete this event we need you, our exhibitors, to fill our exhibit halls with your newest, best and most interesting efforts of the past year. Remember through competition, children learn about hard work, dedication, and perseverance. We all like to be recognized for our talents. Please generously share your talents with your neighbors by exhibiting in the Fair at every opportunity. Encourage your family and friends to join in the fun and be a part of this event.

Reithoffer Shows will once again provide our midway amusement rides, games of chance, talent and skills, and, of course, that delicious “Fair Food”. Our visitors’ comfort and safety is always in the forefront with Reithoffer Shows. Our midway is inspected daily for cleanliness, safety issues, and ride operations.

This past January at the 2017 GA/SC Association of Agricultural Fairs Convention, held in Greenville, SC, the Piedmont Interstate Fair was honored to receive three of the ten awards given by the South Carolina Association of Fairs. Our Fair had the distinct honor of nominating the winner of the South Carolina Associate of the Year, Jeff and Jodi Grey of Sam’s Path Petting Zoo. We were also presented the 2016 Competitive Exhibits Award for the Best New Contest, “A Cahir for the Fair”. In addition, we won the 2016 Agricultural Award for New Program or Exhibit Designed to Educate Fair Goers of Current Agriculture. This award went to the live beehive exhibit sponsored by the Spartanburg County Beekeepers Association which educated our visitors to the importance of honey bees in agriculture and how we can help preserve the bee population. We are proud of the fact that our Fair has now been a state winner for thirteen of the past fourteen years. This accomplishment shines a bright light on our county Fair and Spartanburg as a whole.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to our many sponsors for their faithful support…Coca-Cola of Spartanburg, Carolina Driveline, Spartan Photo Center, Bojangles, Publix, Spartan Bakery, and Clyde McNeill Insurance Agency. These sponsors provide the financial support that allows us to pay premiums for so many categories, provide free entertainment, and maintain our economical admission charge. Please show your appreciation by supporting them at every opportunity during the coming year.

Our deepest appreciation is extended to all of our exhibitors, and those who volunteer their time and services to bring a successful Fair to our community. We are humbled by and grateful for our volunteers and employees who work so hard to bring the community a successful event. The Fair is a family tradition that never grows old. The Fair embodies all of the values we learned as a child, it brings back wonderful memories of by gone days, and it exemplifies what family really means. Please join us at this year’s Fair and enjoy “Fall Nights and Carnival Lights!”.

Yours truly,

J. P. Baehr, President