Contests are great way to teach showmanship and creativity amongst children and adults alike!
The Piedmont Interstate Fair is proud to present this years Contest for all to participate and show your community what you got!
There is something for everyone and a chance to win prizes!
Please click on which contest you would be interested participating in to get the full list of Rules and entry forms.
Good Luck!!

Homegrown Farm

3D Model

A contest open to all. Construct a 3D model of a farm!

Click here for rules and registration!

Scarecrow Contest

An open contest for all, to construct a Farm animal made entirely of recyclable materials! Put trash to use and make some cute farm animals and win awards! Show off your creation to all the Fair Patrons! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Click here for rules and registration!

Bowling Buddies Contest


Bowling Buddies is by far our favorite contest! Sponsored by Paradise Lanes FEC, You can pick up your free bowling pin here at the Fairgrounds and decorate it as you see fit! Then bring it back for your chance to win!!

Click here for rules and registration.

Tablescapes Contest

The Tablescapes Contest is a Show of Elegance and Creativeness open to adult individuals or groups. Be sure to reserve your table quickly, as there are only 20 tables available!

Click here for rules and registration.

Piedmont Perfect Car Show

Sponsored by: Carolina Driveline

{Please contact Tom @ Carolina Driveline for further info (866) 742-3848}