Premium Booklet

The premium book for the Piedmont Interstate Fair, will now be online only due to the increased cost of printing and mailing.

Please select any of the categories listed to the right to view the opportunities to display your hobbies, talents, and special accomplishments of the last year in the fair. Simply click on the category you are interested in to read and print out the information.

Thank you for sharing your best efforts with the community and good luck to all of you!

The Piedmont Interstate Fair will only pay 1st place premiums in all exhibit halls.

Dear Friends,

We are very excited to bring back the Fair for 2021. This year we will be celebrating our 75th Anniversary Fair. Having missed the 2020 Fair due to COVID concerns, we are happy to continue our tradition this year. Cool October nights, food and fun are back at the Piedmont Interstate Fair

Our Board of Directors, Officers and Staff are privileged to bring the 2021 Piedmont Interstate Fair to our community for the enjoyment of all. Our goal is to reach and entertain every age group and provide entertainment, competition, contests, educational opportunities, delicious food and just plain fun for everybody.

Our exhibitors have worked through the year to ensure that their entries are worthy of presentation and your attention in our exhibit halls. The House of Flowers, Commercial Building and Agriculture Building all provide opportunities for competition, exhibition and education. The cattle barn presents an assortment of farm animals and a petting zoo, a truly educational experience for children and adults. We encourage everyone to take the time to enjoy the opportunity of seeing all these areas and embracing the agricultural roots of the fair. Encourage your family and friends to join in the fun and be a part of this event.

Reithoffer Shows will once again provide amusement rides and games of chance on the Midway. For the first time we have K-9s In Flight, dogs that entertain with jumps, tricks and diving, something everyone will enjoy. Some favorites return; Lew-e the Clown, Nick’s Kids Show, Dr. Magical Balloons, and DLG Livestock and Petting Zoo. And the stage will have live music every night. Our food vendors on the Midway and the Food Court provide a wonderful variety of culinary experiences. From corn dogs, burgers, BBQ and turkey legs, to funnel cakes, candy apples and cotton candy, everyone will have a favorite when they leave.

Our gratitude goes out to our sponsors for their faithful support. These sponsors provide the financial support that allows us to pay premiums for so many categories, provide entertainment, and help us keep ticket prices affordable. Please show your appreciation by supporting them at every opportunity during the coming year.

Our deepest appreciation is extended to all of our exhibitors, and those who volunteer their time and services to bring the Fair to our community. We are humbled by and grateful for our volunteers and employees who work so hard to bring the community a successful event.

The Piedmont Interstate Fair is a 75 year tradition that has entertained 5 generations of families. We strive to continue our traditions while bringing the newest rides, entertainment and exhibits to our patrons. We have something for everyone. See you at the Fair!

Yours truly,

J.P. Baehr, President