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The Most Versatile Rental Venue in Spartanburg


The Piedmont Interstate Fairgrounds is a well-known site in this area with a 71+ year history of providing quality entertainment. The facilities and close proximity to the downtown area enhance the success of any event, exhibit, or program. Check us out and allow us to discuss your particular needs. Our prices are very competitive and we feel we have a unique, one of a kind entertainment complex in this area. No event is too big or small. We want to hear from you. You will find our facilities to be the most economical rental venue in Spartanburg. The 11,000 square foot event center is newly air-conditioned to provide comfort to events year round.

Our staff is knowledgeable and easy to work with, our facilities are clean and well kept, and our prices very reasonable. Camping facilities available on site. The Piedmont Interstate Fair Association has facilities available to meet your every need. The event center is perfect for private parties, company meetings and dinners, and warehouse sales from tools to clothing. The midway is great for car and motorcycle shows. Our pavilion, grandstand, and infield areas are perfect places for church revivals, concerts, company picnics, circuses, and more. All of our facilities are available year-round, except the month of September and the week of the Piedmont Interstate Fair in October.

Call the fair office at (864) 582-7042 or email us at [email protected] to book your next event or to just get a quote! Listed below is price information of facilities. All prices are negotiable depending on your event and availability.

During any rental event a fair employee must be on the grounds at all times. During normal working hours there is no charge for the fair employee. Any hours beyond normal working hours will be billed at $25.00 per hour.

Security for all events must also be provided. The renter must adhere to the Spartanburg Police Department's events guidelines. Private fair security is also available.

All events must provide a Certificate of Insurance with the fair named as Additional Insured ten days prior to the rental date.

Waste removal fee and clean up fee will be billed if applicable to your event.

Costs for set-up and tear down days are determined individually by event.

On-site camping is available for $35.00 per day (includes power, water, & sewer hook-up).

A non-refundable deposit of $500.00 is required to hold the event date(s). 50% of contract balance is due six (6) weeks prior to event. Payment in full is due ten (10) days prior to facility usage. Cancellation within 30 days of event will result in a $500.00 cancellation fee. Each event will be required to pay a damage deposit of $600.00. Damage deposits ARE refundable once premises are cleaned and returned to conditons found after event is held.

Each client is responsible for clean up and any damages. Failure to do so forfeits Damage Deposit.

Please contact us at (864) 582-7042 or [email protected] if you have any questions.

Need Insurance For Your Event?


It can be exciting to plan a special event but also unpredictable! Be proactive in making your event a success by purchasing insurance from Eventsured. Save time and money with our easy-to-use online application that makes buying special event liability and event cancellation insurance simple. Enjoy your event and let us do the worrying. Click here to get a fast and easy quote/policy in less than 5 minutes!

Rental Options and Fees

(Restrooms available inside building)

1st & 2nd Day                       =$950/day
3rd & 4th Day                       =$800/day
5th & 6th Day                       =$700/day
Each day thereafter              =$600/day

A/C OR HEAT                $150/DAY


1st & 2nd Day                       =$1,500/day
3rd & 4th Day                       =$1,200/day
5th & 6th Day                       =$900/day
Each day thereafter              =$700/day

PAVILION (74X50***3,700sqft)

1st & 2nd Day                       =$1,000/day
3rd & 4th Day                       =$850/day
5th & 6th Day                       =$600/day
Each day thereafter              =$500/day

GRANDSTAND (201X55***11,055sqft)
(seats 2,400)

The Grandstand is no longer included in rental of pavilion & Infield.
The following will be an additional cost to rental of Pavilion & Infield.

1st & 2nd Day                       =$700/day
3rd & 4th Day                       =$600/day
5th & 6th Day                       =$500/day
Each day thereafter              =$400/day

Restrooms                    $350/day (Red Top/Blue Top)
Tables                           $5/per (8' long)
Round Tables               $10/per
Chairs                          $1/per
Small Stage (14x15)     $50
Large Stage (20x40)    $400 (Includes stage set up, & power) (must provide own hook ups)
Forklift                         $40/hr (includes operator)

More Than Just A Fairgrounds

Ask most people about the Piedmont Interstate Fairgrounds and chances are good they will describe it as a fun place that draws some 50,000 people each October to the annual fair serving Spartanburg, Union, Cherokee, Laurens, Polk, and Rutherford counties. But we are much more than just a fairground.

We have some of the best facilities and logistics in the state for events of all kinds. We have an all-weather recreational center for a variety of activities that features 11,000 square feet of floor space. We also have a grandstand area that seats 2,500 and an additional 6,000 square feet for agricultural exhibits. There are some 10 acres of fenced, open space immediately adjacent to our buildings and some 6 acres of open space in front of the grandstand.

We also offer virtually unlimited parking both outside and inside the fairgrounds with security services available for the protection of patrons and their vehicles during events. The fairgrounds are well illuminated.

Our facilities and complimentary services make the fairgrounds the ideal venue for functions such as trade shows and exhibits, special company functions like annual parties and picnics, revivals and musical programs, jamborees and conventions, sports activities, circuses, fundraising events for civic and charitable groups, dog, cat and reptile shows, machinery shows, and flea market type sales.

We have a varied rate schedule that can be tailored to your needs and the services you require. Our personnel can also offer valuable advice on organizing your events based on years of experience. We meet with all clients and groups to answer any questions and explain the advantages of securing the fairgrounds for your next event or program.

Contact the fair office the next time you need space and convenience to discuss your options. We would love to serve you.

Call (864) 582-7042 or email [email protected].